Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oh, Hello!

It's been about a bazillion months since the last post. Such a slacker. I know you've been dying to hear what I've been up to. Or not at all. But I'm gonna tell you anyway! 

-At the end of July we had our 10 year high school reunion. It was a lot of work and pretty stressful but it ended up being a lot of fun. It was really nice to see old friends that we hadn't seen since graduation.
-Chopped all my hair off.
-Helped my sister Angelica and her husband move to St. Paul, Minnesota. Got to see some lovely sights and have a mini vacation with the family.
-Helped out with a museum exhibit and wandered around an awesome corn maze.

-Went to the big Homecoming game at the ol' high school. Our boys have been doing amazing this season. So far undefeated and playing for the state title this upcoming Friday! My sis Hilary was saying our tiny town has totally turned into Friday Night Lights with all the businesses showing their support with signs all along main street. Go orange and blue!

-We had a wedding in the family and a baptism. Lots of lovely time spent with both sides of family. Love them so!
-Saw Sondre Lerche and Florence + the Machine in concert. Both wonderfully awesome!

-Made a potato ET.

-Halloween! Helped my sisters make costumes: SkippyJon Jones and a Rosie the Riveter! I dressed up as Ramona Flowers. I also went with my good friend Jennae and her bf to the Museum of Natural History and Science for a fun Halloween late night open exhibit. I think that'll be a new fun tradition.

-Yummy Thanksgiving!

And that brings us up to December. Whew! I can't believe its already December. Thankfully it's only the 2nd...kinda feels like it should already be the middle of the month for some reason. Maybe its all the decorating we've been doing this last week and a half.

This morning my sis Mel made the first (double) batch of biscochitos. In the afternoon we put* lights up outside. It's so unbelievably warm in New Mexico right now that I'm pretty sure I got sunburned while hanging lights on the house. Before you know it Christmas will be here. Hopefully I'll fit in a blog or two before another 5 months goes by!

Happy December!


*'Put lights up' is such a New Mexican way of saying that. People also say 'put gas' and 'put the light out'= turn the light off. haha. Odd, I know. 

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hilary said...

Nice succinct rap up of our summer twinnie! Love the pictures! I'm gonna put more pictures on my blog cause yours are always so pretty!