Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Boom Is Back

This past week has been one of the best weeks I've had in ages. All because I spent it doing what I love. Funny how that works. :) My sister Melanie ran a Sci-Fi Film Camp for kids at The Box Theatre owned by our good friend Kristin. I assisted her with acting exercises and general running around. My best friend Jamie also came down to visit and write/rewrite the script the kids used in their final big project.

Spending the week with Jamie, Kristin and my sister was so much fun! We talked theatre, film, reminisced about the good ol' college days. It was lovely.

Immediately after film camp, I jumped into helping my good friend Aleka and her husband Andy with their 48 Hour Film Festival project. I took some productions photos and spent about 7 hours hanging out watching some awesome movie making magic!

Next week it's back to reality (i.e. work). But I've gotta say, this summer has been a pretty great one.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oh, Hello!

It's been about a bazillion months since the last post. Such a slacker. I know you've been dying to hear what I've been up to. Or not at all. But I'm gonna tell you anyway! 

-At the end of July we had our 10 year high school reunion. It was a lot of work and pretty stressful but it ended up being a lot of fun. It was really nice to see old friends that we hadn't seen since graduation.
-Chopped all my hair off.
-Helped my sister Angelica and her husband move to St. Paul, Minnesota. Got to see some lovely sights and have a mini vacation with the family.
-Helped out with a museum exhibit and wandered around an awesome corn maze.

-Went to the big Homecoming game at the ol' high school. Our boys have been doing amazing this season. So far undefeated and playing for the state title this upcoming Friday! My sis Hilary was saying our tiny town has totally turned into Friday Night Lights with all the businesses showing their support with signs all along main street. Go orange and blue!

-We had a wedding in the family and a baptism. Lots of lovely time spent with both sides of family. Love them so!
-Saw Sondre Lerche and Florence + the Machine in concert. Both wonderfully awesome!

-Made a potato ET.

-Halloween! Helped my sisters make costumes: SkippyJon Jones and a Rosie the Riveter! I dressed up as Ramona Flowers. I also went with my good friend Jennae and her bf to the Museum of Natural History and Science for a fun Halloween late night open exhibit. I think that'll be a new fun tradition.

-Yummy Thanksgiving!

And that brings us up to December. Whew! I can't believe its already December. Thankfully it's only the 2nd...kinda feels like it should already be the middle of the month for some reason. Maybe its all the decorating we've been doing this last week and a half.

This morning my sis Mel made the first (double) batch of biscochitos. In the afternoon we put* lights up outside. It's so unbelievably warm in New Mexico right now that I'm pretty sure I got sunburned while hanging lights on the house. Before you know it Christmas will be here. Hopefully I'll fit in a blog or two before another 5 months goes by!

Happy December!


*'Put lights up' is such a New Mexican way of saying that. People also say 'put gas' and 'put the light out'= turn the light off. haha. Odd, I know. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh Lovely July!

Hello world!

Got the weird urge to write in the middle of the week for some reason. Even though its ever nearing closer and closer to 11pm! Eek! I need to be like turning down the energy and instead here I am listening to really hoppy tunes (like hoppy beer) and click clacking away.

I keep looking at my calendar and I have so many lovely events coming up this month and the beginning of next.

First up, tomorrow I'm helping my aunt out at an event..taking some photos at the casino of the Cake Boss and guests. Don't really watch that show, but should be fun none the less. Anytime my Aunt Lori is around, its sure to be a blast.

Next, I'm gonna be helping a couple of friends out with their film for the 48 Hour Film Festival this weekend. So excited about that! I've always wanted to try it out. I'm excited to act again. So, that should be a super fun time!

And then on Sunday my sisters and I are meeting up with some college friends again for this creative writing group/theatre troupe/group of awesome we have going on. We were kind of on hiatus for a while. And then Sunday night is the return of Breaking Bad! Which is filmed in Albuquerque, NM! So much meth-y fun! (ew..) But that show is totally meth! (ba-dum-ch).

And then the following weekend is our 10 Year High School Reunion. Geez! I seriously can't believe its been 10 friggin' years. (WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!) My twin Hilary and I are helping organize it. If I could give you one piece of advice about 10 year reunions it is: don't fucking ever volunteer to organize it! ha! No, seriously. Don't. Pain in the arse. But, ya know..all the hard work is about to pay off. Finally.

AND THEN the following weekend I fly out to Michigan to help my lovely sister Angelica and her awesome husband move to Minnesota. This will be the 3rd year in a row that I fly out to help them move during the summer. They might think I don't enjoy it, cause ya know, moving pretty much sucks. BUT I love helping them! I love flying, airports, traveling, being with family, seeing new cities, being away from work. Can't wait!

AND THEN THEN Hilary and I turn 28! eek! We'll actually be in the same city to celebrate our birthday this year. Maybe that's a good sign for the year ahead.

And THEN THEN THEN Fall is right around the corner. I love fall, like whoa.

Hope your week is the most fantastic week that ever was!



(Above photo from my Instagram. That's Hilary's pristine keyboard. My red nails). 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Family, Flags and Fireworks!

I had a great 4th of July with my family. First, we woke up super early to go to the parade. We're usually out of town in the mountains so this was the first time we had ever been. My great aunt Lucy is running for County Clerk so we went to show our support and cheer extra loud as her awesome float went by. I was also super happy to see a PFLAG float in this years parade! 

Once it got dark we lit a few fireworks that my sister Melanie and my brother-in-law Ryan bought. I especially loved the sparklers. 

1. Veterans and active military with gorgeous flags
2. PFLAG Float
3. Livestock!
4. Sparkler crazy!
5. Melly dancing all cute
6. The one and only fountain
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your friends and family! Now it's time for some more days off! :) Have a great weekend!


Monday, July 2, 2012

To the Mountains We Go!

A few photos from over the weekend.

Left to right:
My lovely sisters and I on our way to the mountains.
My uncles cabin nestled into the lovely mountains landscape.
The best skies around!
Sailboat shorts!

We headed up north to the Pecos mountains for our annual 4th of July weekend family get together..a couple of days early. We always have so much fun hanging out with the family, taking a hike, walking in the ice cold river and of course eating super yummy food.

I'm super excited for this weekend because I was able to take off Tuesday in addition to my usual Sunday/Monday days off and the holiday on Wednesday.  Huzzah for a four day weekend! Tomorrow we're gonna go to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science to look at some dinos and a special exhibit on Albuquerque and the Personal Computer Revolution!

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Papita Chiquita! {Teeny Tiny Things Sunday}

My lovely sister Angelica was cooking up a delicious meal of grilled veggies, pork chops and baked red potatoes for dinner one night. For quite a while I've been wanting to make a teeny tiny baked potato, and I seized my opportunity! I wrapped a little tiny dude in some foil and threw him onto the grill with the veggies and pork chops. 


I garnished him with some butter, sour cream, salt and pepper. I accompanied this classic dish with a glass of red wine. (...but actually pomegranate cranberry juice...) As you can see, when I tried to take a pic from above with a bit of background (a potholder) the little glass of red went all drunk and fell over.

Cute baked potato mission completed!

PS-We saw Moonrise Kingdom today. It finally came to Albuquerque after all of the world has already seen it. I thought it was pretty great. A lot darker than I expected, but still that same ol' Wes Anderson goodness.

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Monday, May 21, 2012

The Sun and the Moon

As always, its been ages and ages! There was a pretty exciting Annular Solar Eclipse this weekend. It was extremely visible from New Mexico so we were all very excited to see some moon and sun overlapping action.

How was your weekend? Any exciting adventures planned for the week ahead? Oh! I did buy Florence and the Machine tickets for their October concert. Super excited about that! Right after I bought them I found out that Tegan and Sara are gonna be playing with The Black Keys in Las Cruces. On the same night! Too many good musics I tell ya!

Here are some pics I snapped with my phone during the eclipse. It was really neat to see all my friends posting similar photos of their friends and families all staring up at the sun. 

It was so much fun sitting out in the sun, glancing up every so often peering through our solar glasses checking on the progress of the moon crossing the suns path. We had the perfect weather for sun viewing.  A nice little ending to the weekend.